Laser Therapy


There are three major advantages of using a CO2 laser during surgery when compared to a traditional stainless steel surgical scalpel technique. The advantages include decreased pain during and after surgery, reduced bleeding and blood loss and reduced risk of infection post surgery.

Decreased post-operative pain is accomplished when the laser seals nerve endings as it cuts. This reduces pain impulses from the surgery site.

Reduced bleeding and blood loss is achieved through cauterization of blood vessels as the laser beam vaporizes the tissue and seals the capillaries.

Reduced risk of surgical infection occurs due to the superheating of the tissues in the incision site, destroying any bacteria that are present at the time of surgery.

Allowing our staff of veterinarians to use the surgical laser to perform the surgery is a great benefit to your pet to assure he or she has the best pain free surgery experience as possible.

Laser Therapy

At Sooner Veterinary Hospital, we use a therapy laser for many reasons. It can be beneficial directly after surgery to reduce inflammation in the surgical site, used on acute injury sites and also applied to an area of chronic concern like joint disease. Typically, the primary target is inflammatory tissues.

Laser therapy is a very helpful tool during post-operative recovery. Laser therapy helps to alleviate pain and stimulate the healing process after surgery. Because it works directly on injured or affected areas, laser treatments can help speed up healing, strengthen muscle and tissue and improve mobility.

Laser therapy is often used in animals with arthritis. The number of treatments, type of laser and duration of exposure will be determined in the treatment plan. During your dog’s session, the assistant will move the laser “wand” over the treatment area to deliver the laser to the affected tissues. Depending on the issue being treated, the exposure to the laser may take 20 to 30 minutes. Treatment usually starts out at 2-3 times a week then decreases to 1 time a week or every other week depending on the progress.

Laser therapy is a very innovative treatment therapy that is non-invasive and safe. If your pet is having issues with arthritis and is unable to take regular anti-inflammatory medications, you might find laser therapy to be key in managing your pet’s pain.

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