Radiology (X-Ray)

Radiology (X-ray)
We offer digital radiology at Sooner Veterinary Hospital. Images are exposed within seconds and digitally saved. Radiographs are used to evaluate injuries and conditions which require more than external examination. Radiology equipment gives us a non-invasive way to observe your pet’s internal structures so that we can provide a more thorough and accurate diagnosis. Radiographs are used to detect many things including bone fractures, bladder stones, tumors, and certain foreign objects that your pet may have eaten. In certain situations, we can take radiographs immediately. But at times and depending on the exact view that is needed, your pet may need to be dropped off for the day if radiographs are necessary. At times patients may need to be lightly sedated for radiographs and in some cases, they may require general anesthesia. Copies of the radiographs can be burned on a CD or emailed if needed for referral to a specialist.

Dental Radiology
Dental radiology is the most vital tool in veterinary dentistry. Dental radiographs are essential in making an accurate diagnosis. Dental radiographs are also essential in performing dental procedures, in evaluating procedural success and in documentation of dental and oral health. We provide a comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment plan when your pet is presented for dental prophylaxis. Two thirds of your pet’s teeth are under the gums and are not viewable. Radiographs help in the assessment of the teeth (fractures or internal disease) and the surrounding soft tissue (periodontal disease, gingivitis, stomatitis, cysts, fistulas or tumors).

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